Fire Hose Reels (FHR) & Hydrants.

FHR.  (Ref BCA E1, AS2441  AS AS 1851).


These are generally located externally or internally within 4 m of an exit with a hose length of 36 m.  They can be positioned internally adjacent to a fire hydrant (other than one within a fire isolated exit) Or a combination of the fore mentioned.   If the FHR is in a cabinet or cupboard it shall be marked  with the wording “FIRE HOSE REEL” in letters not less than 50mm high on a contrasting backgroundThe hose shall be neatly rolled on the reel and the nozzle shall be in the interlock at all times.











Fire Hydrants (Ref BCA E1.3 AS 2419 & AS 1851). 

Fire Hydrants should be in buildings having a total floor area of more than 500m2.  A maintenance tag shall be attached in such a way that it requires no less than a force of 200 N to remove it.