Manual Call Points.

Manual Call Points (MCPs) (Ref BCA E2.2a AS 1603 & AS 1670)  are installed in buildings to perform different jobs they are available in three different colours RED, GREEN and WHITE.   They are all Operated by breaking the glass pressing in the middle with items such as coins, Pens etc. 

 RED MCP.  This MCP is normally located in corridors, close to exits and on the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP). Red MCPs are provided for the manual operation of the fire alarm system, this would normally be the case if the building occupants discovered a fire before the automatic detection systems had the opportunity to operate.  The broken glass releases the Manual Call Point’s switch, which automatically signals an alarm via the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) which also calls the fire service and alerts the occupants of the building sounding the alarm.  Other functions could also automatically start other processes in the building (dependant on the building fire safety systems installed) That could include the following.

 Starts the smoke management systems.

Unlocks security doors.

Releases any fire/ smoke doors.

Shuts the air conditioning down.

 (Re settable Manual Call Point).

GREEN MCP.  These are for door release and are marked according to their function.  These would be used if for example the automatic door unlocking mechanism failed to operate.  Green MCPs do not call the fire service.


WHITE MCPs.  These can perform a varitey of functions once the glass is broken, but  will not call the fire service.  They will also be marked acording to their use.    White MCPs can however alert the building occupants, unlock doors and start smoke management systems (dependant on the building fire safety systems installed in the building).